Sunday, May 22, 2011

TMI Update

Warning:  This post is about my plans for the next couple of weeks in regards to gaming.  Nothing terribly interesting.

I have had a lot of irons in the fire over the past two weeks, but hopefully things will slow down soon.  On the gaming front, I've had just as much going on.  I traded some of my old models that have been collecting dust for some new items, including a Dreadknight and PAGK squad for my GK force.  So now I have a decent-sized backlog of stuff to get painted for my GK force.  Additionally, a significant portion of the trade went towards some Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (LotR SBG) stuff. 

I have been wanting to try a different game system for quite a while and looked hard at WHFB.  However, feedback on Fantasy has been pretty mixed and it seems to be pretty costly to start one, let alone two armies.  The reason I say two, is that because my wife is going to play with/against (depending on how you look at it) me.  She enjoys strategy games and painting, but the sheer number of models involved with 40K was a deal-breaker for her and that game.  However, LotR should be a good fit for us to play together.  With armies consisting of a limited number of figures with no $1=1 point figures (I'm looking at you Razorspam), it should be easier for us to buy and paint opposing forces.  So when I am not working on 40K stuff, I will be painting up a small force of Dwarves, while she will be doing Wood Elves.

On the GK front, I should get some more proxied GK games in this week using my modified Draigo list.  I am going to remove all the metal PAGKs halberds and replace them with power swords and falchions to stretch my buck as far as I can.  I am hoping that 1-2 more boxes of PAGKs should fill out the rest of my army. 

My Smurf army is still in maintence mode, but I am going to try and repaint two more Tactical Squads. I may also try to redo a couple Assault Squads just to open up a few more options in my Blue Angels lists.  Because of work, my next tournament won't be until July.  It looks interesting, as each player brings four different lists and can pick one for each round after pairings.   Each list can only be used once.  I have some ideas of how I plan on setting up my lists and will probably do a post on them in the next couple of days. 

The final thing on my mind is figuring out whether or not to head to the Nova Open GT or Da Boyz GT.  I haven't made it to a GT yet, but I bet they would be a blast.  I am leaning heavily towards the Da Boyz GT because of cost/logistics, but I still am working out details.  In either case, I will be taking my Space Marines as my GKs won't be finished yet.  That and I don't feel like debating about what color BAs/GKs should be in order to be WYSIWYG.  Hmmm... that's also another future post...

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