Friday, January 31, 2014

NOVA Open Narrative Registration Opens TOMORROW!

In case you have been living under a rock or stuck in the polar vortex for the past couple of months, this is just a reminder that registration opens tomorrow at!  Do not miss out on this year's event... It is going to be awesome!  MVB sums it up much better than I can, though:

NOVA Open Narrative Tickets - Warlord and Nightfighter Tracks
The NOVA Open Narrative more than doubled last year, and surveys/interest seem to imply it'll do so again. Further, we've made a portion of the Narrative - the Warlord Track - a full-on GT-level 7-game event, inclusive of 3 day and 4 night games (first game is Thursday at night), as well as social activities and daily "Model UN Styled" planning sessions where the Narrative Warlords directly impact the mission direction and player deployment of the larger open-attended Nightfighter track.

If you're playing in the 40K GT and want to get some awesome games in with really innovative missions and rules battling across LED-lit boutique terrain ... participate in the Nightfighter track, scheduled to allow participation in both.
If you're looking for a full weekend of awesome Narrative gaming participating in a unique universe of the NOVA's creation, fueled by player participation, participate in the Warlords Track. There are only ABOUT THIRTY TWO SPOTS available for the Warlord Track, with only 16 initial offerings per Faction (Virtue or Human). If you want in this, you'd better sign up fast!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The NOVA Narrative is Coming!!

I have the rare opportunity to work as one of the staffers for the NOVA Open Narrative this year, and I think it is going to be absolutely amazing!  But do not just take it from me... read below and I am sure you will be convinced!

The 2014 NOVA Open Narrative is called Descension. The story follows the descent into madness and vengeance of Humanity following the intentional crashing of the Virtue mothership into the Earth's crust at the climax of 2013's Narrative. Virtue survivors also descend into confusion and anger as their self-doubt impacts and directs their actions moving into the Solar System and throughout Earth's wastelands. There are two tracks to Descension:

Warlord: Model UN type planning and strategic sessions - one (1) game during each day (Friday-Sunday) - one (1) game each night (Thursday - Saturday) - one (1) Final "Night Round" on Sunday morning. Warlords will comprise the Narrative War Council, and are strictly ticket limited to 16 participants per Faction, first come/first serve.

Nightfighter: Nightfighters are tactical commanders who will be battling it out during the evenings (Thursday-Saturday) and in the Final "Night Round" on Sunday morning, in line with past Narrative events. Nightfighters will be able to participate in the 40K GT or any other system's daytime events and seminars alongside their Narrative games.

Narrative players will be able to choose to activate optional supplements for their respective codices which will introduce more Humanity/Virtue-thematic ways to play the codex. This will also help improve the play-ability of some less common build types from each respective codex. These are fairly simple and straightforward, and do not preclude or obviate the freedom to play with your codex in its basic GW released format.