Monday, January 2, 2012

2K Necrons with Nemesor Zahndrekh

As I have looked through the Necron Codex, several shiney things caught my eye.  One of my biggest "failings" in making competitive lists is that I generally like to field big, flashy HQs and/or a centerpiece deathstar unit.  My favorite Smurfs lists had Calgar or Librarians leading Honorguard or Assault Termies riding in a Land Raider.  My Honorguard lists are built around Draigo and Pallies (the very definition of overpriced deathstar).  I have never been much for many of the MSU-style shooty builds, as they lack what I consider an "epic" character--both figuratively and literally.  Nothing against them (they are generally much more effective), but I enjoy having some sort of hero character/unit in my armies.  As I was reading through the Necron Codex, I was immediately drawn to three entries--Lychguard, Nemesor Zahndrekh, and Vagard Obyron. 

Lychguard immediately gained my attention because of the amazing models GW put out.  The models carrying Warscythes are pretty cool, but the ones with the sword/board are downright spectacular.  I really can't wait to put a squad of them together just for their looks.  Ruleswise, the unit is pretty cool, reminding me of TH/SS Termies.  They are tough and dead killy.  They have a couple of serious weaknesses, though.  Like TH/SS Termies they are slow and need transportation.  They also suffer from being I2 without the benefit of a 2+/3++, so they can be killed easier before they have a chance to strike.  Finally, they are pretty costly for a unit with no shooting potential and without a 2+ to keep them alive.  Without any assault vehicles in the codex, I just don't seem them as being able to act as a cost effective counter-assault unit, especially compared to Wraiths.  However, I still think they would be something for a more fun/casual list.

The other two entries that jumped out at me were Zahndrekh and Obyron.  The fluff of the two is actually some of the best I have read for a codex entry.  Nemesor is a tactical genius on the order of Creed, but doesn't realize he is a Necron.  Obyron is his personal bodyguard who takes care of him during his delusions and just happens to be deadly with a Warscythe.  What I really like is that both characters are very noble for evil robots that want to take over the galaxy.  Nemesor treats all of his opponents with respect before and after he utterly crushes them with his battlefield strategy.  Obyron is completely loyal and dedicated to Nemesor and protects him from all enemies... both foreign and domestic.  That's about as heroic as the bad guys get IMO.  (Much better than Dark Eldar fluff)

The rules for both characters sound like a lot of fun, as Nemesor can take away your opponent's USRs and provide your units with USRs.  This type of adaptability is something I really like in my lists and reminds me of Grand Strategy from the Grey Knight codex.  He also has a lot of great wargear including a 2+/3++ and Res Orb (but he does NOT have Phaeron).  His CC prowess is nonexistent, which is why he is allowed to take Obyron with him without using a Force Org slot.  Obyron's rules basically make him a Necron version of a melee beatstick.  He also has the ability to teleport himself and his unit around the board, even out of combat.  If Nemesor gets charged, Obyron has to immediately teleport to his side to defend him.  That's just cool no matter how you slice it.... /rimshot.  However, he is pricey, doesn't have an invulnerable, and is I2... which means he is going to get punked by PWs.  T5 helps protect him somewhat, but things like NFWs make him cry. 

For my 2K list, I would love to utilize some of these units.  I picked Nemesor as my main focus, simply because he seemed most appropriate as a leader for an army.  I think the others are cool, but can require more tweaking to make them fit.  Lychguard and Obyron seem like they are well suited for each other, as he can provide them with much needed mobility.  However, that is a very expensive deathstar, even for me.  That kind of deathstar needs a special list to make it work (and is likely to be a later post).  Nemesor, on the other hand, is a lot more flexible and not nearly as design intensive.  Adding him to my normal 1500 list really doesn't require too many changes. 

Because he brings an Orb, I want to attach him to an Immortal Squad to help them stay alive longer.  That also encourages me to bring a basic Lord carrying a Warscythe and Res Orb for the other Immortal Squad, so they won't be singled out for destruction.  I can also add another Warrior Squad with Ghost Ark and another set of Crypteks for something like:

Overlord with Scythe and CCB
3 Lance Crypteks (one with Solar Pulse)
3 Lance Crypteks and 1 Res Orb/Warscythe Lord

10 Tesla Immortals
10 Tesla Immortals
9 Warriors with Ghost Ark
9 Warriors with Ghost Ark

10 Scarabs
5 Wraiths with 2 Coils

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

It's a little light on Lances, but I think the ability for Nemesor to make give them the Tank Hunters rule makes up for it.  Once again, the two courts ride in the Arks while the Warriors waddle towards objectives.  The two Orb-toting Immortal Squads can lay down tesla fire and push towards objectives.  It still lacks mobility, but I think it can get the job done.  The Immortals just have to move with a purpose and the Scarabs/Wraiths have to disrupt the opponent's backfield.  The Immortals are fairly tough with their 4+ RP and Nemesor and the Warscythe Lord can help prevent MSU units from running them over.  The CCB Overlord can still go off on his own or can help out the Immortals or Warriors if they start getting into trouble.  Overall, I think this is a pretty good list to start playtesting and still provides me with my "epic" character for the army.

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