Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DC/Arlington Campaign Introduction

My late Christmas present (mine still needs paint though...)
So after a long hiatus from the blog and even 40K in general (Been loving me some Guild Wars 2), I now have a reason to jump back into both!  On Feb 2, a small, but stalwart group of 40K players from the beltway will kick off a six month Planetary Empires campaign... and I will be logging the ongoing progress here!  Personally, I am hoping that it will spur my painting progress and provide plenty of writing fodder for the upcoming months.

BLUF (more details after the break)
WHAT: Planetary Empires Campaign
WHO: Six players using their favorite army (codex) then entire campaign
WHEN: 1:00PM Feb 2 until early August
WHERE: Kickoff at Bowie Battle Bunker (future locations TBD)
WHY: Bragging rights and glory!
HOW: Planetary Empire Rules

For those not familiar with how Planetary Empires works, the object of the campaign is to take territories from other players by winning games of 40K.  Each territory can hold a number of assets including bunkers, defense shields, power stations, and even Hive cities.  The types of territories and assets that players control affect how easy it is to take other territories, how large of an army each can use, and provide in-game bonuses such as an increased chances to go first.  A player wins the campaign when they have beaten every other player at least once and controls 10 territories or they control the most territories after 6 months. 

I like to think of the campaign as consisting of three main "phases":

1.  Initial map setup and territory assignment (Tentatively occurring at the Bowie Battle Bunker at 1:00 PM on Feb 2)--The players will take turns drawing and placing tiles to form the campaign map followed by placing the individual asset/territory upgrades across the map.  After the map is completed, then the players will take turns selecting their initial empires.

2.  Challenges and actual 40K matches (First round occurring between Feb 2 and March 2)--In addition to a monthly get-together (tentatively the first Saturday of each month), players will arrange 40K games amongst themselves based on their own schedules, preferences, and strategic goals.  The monthly meetings offer a great opportunity to ensure that everyone has the chance to get at least one game in each month.  The rules for how each of the assets/territories affect the games will be posted later.

3.  End of month/"turn" maintenance (First round completes on March 2-Time/Location TBD)--At the end of each month, the players will all meet to update the map.  Players who won games will roll to see if they managed to take territory from the players they defeated.  The changes in the territories will then affect the battles in the upcoming month.  The specific rules for how territories will be taken will also be the subject of a later post. 

If anyone in the DC/Arlington VA area wants to participate, give me a quick shout out, and I will add them to our mailing list.

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