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NOVA FAQs/Mission Packets Updated!

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Per Mike on Dakka:

Here's GT Final Packet (missions won't change, polish/typos have been caught/changed):

Here's Invitational Final Packet:

Here's Trios Final Packet:

Relinking Narrative Final Packet:

FAQ Final Packet (changed Anrakyr back, among a few others):

There are quite a few big things in there:

Mysterious Objectives are IN
You have the option to choose your Warlord Trait
Archeotech Artefacts are on some tables
Fame/Infamy are primarily Warlord-based
Stormravens now can Shadow Skies in a reasonable manner
Grand Strategy affects allied detachments

I am trying to digest the ramifications for my army list very quickly.  I am fine with the Mysterious Objectives and Archeotech Artefacts, as I have a good amount of scoring bodies to take advantage of them.  However, I am concerned about the Warlord issues.  I really want to go for Fame/Infamy, and I am a little worried about how well my poor Libby will be able to handle those.  Also, it would be super nice to be able to choose an Warlord trait for a beefy character.  However, I really want to keep Dread Calgar in my list, so that prevents me from just going with my Vanilla Marines list or replacing the Libby with TDA Calgar in my current list.  I am thinking that I will just stay the course with my current list because it is pretty characterful, and felt pretty strong in my limited playtesting.  Also, the Libby IS being escorted by 5 TH/SS Terminators.  I would hope that would be enough to keep him alive if he has to get out of his ride to do some good. 

Choosing Warlord traits is a big deal, as it can open up a lot of options and maybe mitigate some of my weaknesses.  I am debating giving the Libby the Strategic Genius (reroll reserves) trait because it would allow me to make the Stormtalon more reliable and give me some options with Deep-striking Strike Squads and/or bringing in Attack Bikes from reserve.  I am also debating on giving him the Tenacity (FNP within 3" of an objective).  That will help keep him and the Termies alive and maybe prevent them from getting torrented as badly.

EDIT with FAQ Updates:
Now that Stormraven's can Zoom and allow Shadow Skies deployment, I am SOOO tempted to go back to the Pure GK list.  A Zooming Stormraven can now drop Pallies off in my opponent's backfield on Turn 2 on a rerollable 3+ (Strategic Genius) reserve roll... before Interceptors can shoot it down.  I actually worked out one that feels pretty decent:

GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon
Stormraven with MM/Assault Cannon
Dread Calgar with Teleporter

Still same issue as always... Do I want GK "brokeness" and a beatstick HQ or AP1/AP2?

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