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Allies No Longer

This is what happens when you don't provide real pics...
Even before the distress signal arrived, the Blood Angels had already departed at full speed towards the Angamar system.  Brother Corbulo's research into the Blood Angels' gene seed flaw had discovered rumors of an ancient artifact capable of dampening psychic influences or even manipulate emotions.  Such a device might might hold insights into how to mitigate the bloodlust of the Red Thirst and Black Rage, and buy the chapter time to cure the affliction of their geneseed.  Mephiston and a contingent of Blood Angels had been immediately dispatched with the orders to secure the artifact at ANY cost... 
Within minutes of arriving in the system, Blood Angel Drop Pods and Thunderhawk Transports had delivered squads of Tactical Marines, Devastators, and Assault Marines into the heart of three of Angamar's manfactorums and mining structures.  Not only were the facilities vital to defending the planet from the marauding Xenos, the planetary surveys they contained might offer a clue to the location of the relic. 
Mephiston had personally accompanied the Assault Marines sent to secure the manufactorum on the Cifius lava plains only to find Necron forces massing against it.  He gazed across the acrid  landscape to watch as the shambling, metallic horde took up firing positions.  However, the unruly mob before him was not the same adversary that the Blood Angels had faced in the Gehenna Campaign.  While the Silent King's forces had been unrelenting, soulless automatons, these Necrons instead resembled a pack of feral Orks.  Orange "warpaint" streaked their bodies,  and they milled about their positions with halting, jerking movements.  Even though the Lord of Death knew the Necrons were nothing more than metallic husks with no other thought than the destruction of all living things, it almost seemed that something was driving them mad.  Regardless of the strangeness of the Necron's actions, Mephiston and the Blood Angels would prove that they still "died" all the same...
Blood Angels vs Necrons (Written by Jeff)
Jeff vs Forest

Army Lists – 1500 pts

Blood Angels (1650)
1x Sanguinary Priest - jump pack
8x Death Company - jump packs, Lemartes
10x Assault Marines - 2x meltaguns, meltabombs
10x Assault Marines - 2x flamers, lightning claw
5x Assault Marines - 1x meltagun, meltabombs
Fast Atack
Attack Bike - multimelta
Attack Bike - heavy bolter
Heavy Support
5x Devastator - 4x missile launchers
5x Devastator - 4x missile launchers
Necrons (1500)
Imotekh the Stormlord
10x Lychguards
-- Night Scythe
5x Immortals - tesla
10x Warriors
10x Warriors
Fast Attack
6x Canoptek Scarabs
6x Canoptek Scarabs
3x Tomb Blades - nebuloscopes
Heavy Support
1x Doom Scythe
Blood Angels received 150 point advantage for a 3 manufactorum advantage
Mission + Deployment
Emperor’s Will (2 objectives) + Hammer and Anvil
Night fighting active due to Imotekh
Blood Angels elect to deploy second
Game Notes
- Imotekh failed his only attempt at his scary-in-the-darkness lightning attacks.  Night fighting failed to continue past Turn 1.
- Mephiston and Death Company charged up the right flank as the Assault sqauds ran up the left led by the Attack Bikes.
- Blood Angels enjoy an unhealthy breakfast of Gauss shots.
- Night Scythe arrives Turn 2, drops off Lychguard in front of the Meph/DC blob.  Meph and DC jump pack the hell out of dodge.  Rusty robots watch them bounce away.
- Lychguard re-embark in the Night Scythe and head towards the Blood Angels objective in the BA deployment zone.
- Assault squads and Necrons play Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots.  Blood Angels do all the face jabbing but the robots just stand back up.
- Mephiston and Imotekh flail wildly at each other in CC as the Death Company watch (2+ saves are hard).
- By Turn 5, Necrons lose all their scoring units but have denial units in range of both primary objectives.  If game ends, score would be 1-1 due to secondary objectives.
- Game ends in Turn 6,  after Mephiston gibs Imotekh and the Blood Angels finally clear out the Necron objective.
Blood Angels score 5 points (3 pts primary objective, 1 pt Linebreaker, 1 pt Slay the Warlord)
Necrons score 2 points (1 pt First Blood, 1 pt Linebreaker)
Winner Highlight
The highlight for the Blood Angels is probably the same as the Necron one.
Loser Highlight
Doom Scythe arrives Turn 3.  Utilizing the great terrain, a unit of Blood Angels Devastators were standing behind a small chunk wall debris for cover.  With great military discipline, the Devestators stood side by side in a line so straight they could have marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  No imagination needed for what happened next.  First.  Blood.
The Blood Angels had bled dearly to hold the manfactorum.  While the Necron Lychguard and aircraft had spearheaded a crushing assault that had threatened to breach the gates of the facility, Mephiston had led the Death Company in a daring gambit.  He had known that the even these strange, crazed Necrons would quickly crumble without the presence of their leader.  The Lord of Death had left the defense of the gates to a token force with the orders to delay the invaders while the bulk of the Blood Angels rocketed towards the heart of the Necron forces.  Only after enduring a withering hail of gauss fire had Mephiston and the Blood Angels been able to carve their way to the Necron leader.  Channeling his psychic energy, Mephiston cleaved the mechanical abomination in two and watched its ornate form clatter to the ground.  Almost immediately, the remaining Necrons and the broken forms of the vanquished machines seemingly phased out of existence.  They would be back...

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