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Pain and Profit

Life as a PDF Guardsman is never fun...
The rumors of large caches of ancient weapons and armor in Angamar's western desert had been enough to draw a large Dark Eldar raiding force to the system.  Instead of finding an unsuspecting planet ripe for the taking, the Kabal of the Bloody Claw had arrived to find the world fully engulfed in a raging battle between the mon keigh, Necrons, and Craftworld Eldar.  Taking advantage of the confusion and chaos, the Kabal had raided and pillaged countless cities with scant opposition as the bulk of the defenders had been marshalled against the Necron threat.  Duke Sliscus had been ready to leave with his considerable spoils when the sudden appearance of Space Marines forces from not one, but three chapters had made reconsider.  For the Imperium to respond with such a large force obviously meant that something extremely valuable rested on the planet...

The Blood Angels, lead by the indomitable Mephiston bounded across the desert with their jump packs, responding to reports of a Dark Eldar raiding party streaking across the sands.  Destroying the xenos force would bring the Blood Angels one step closer to securing the planet and starting their search for the fabled artifact--a relic that might hold the key to saving their entire chapter.  The Dark Eldar had no such noble goal, but saw only the profit to be had in the coffers of the ancient race who once had inhabitated the planet.  While Duke Sliscus and the rest of the Kabal of the Bloody Claw were engaged elsewhere, one of his partners, the archon Haud Dico raced northeast with his fast moving transports full of warriors and wyches looking to capture slaves for the arena--and find out just what treasures the Blood Angels were seeking to protect...

1500 Blood Angels vs. DE  (Written by Ned)
Jeff vs Ned

Army Lists (1500):

DE (1500)
Archon, Huskblade, soultrap, combat drugs, shadow field
Haemonculus: LG

9 Wyches: Raider with DL, NS (Haemonculus starts here)
10 Warriors: SC a Raider with DL, NS, Splinter Racks
5 Wracks, LG in a Venom with SC X 2, NS
5 Wyches, HWG, Venom with SC X2, NS

4 Incubi, SC X 2, NS (archon starts here)

3 Reavers with  HL
3 Reavers with  HL

Ravager NS
Ravager NS
Razorwing, 2 DC, FF

Blood Angels

Sanguinary Priest with power armor and jump pack

10 man Assault Squad: meltagun X2 Split into two combat squads
10 man Assault Squad: Flamer X2, Lighting Claw on sergeant with sanguinary priest attached
5 man Assault Squad: meltagun, sergeant with melta bombs
8 Death Company: Power fist

Attack Bike heavy bolter
Attack Bike heavy bolter
Attack Bike heavy bolter

Devastator Squad: 4 ML, Signum
Devastator Squad: 4 ML, Signum

Blood Angels got an extra 50 points to spend and Dark Eldar got +1 to deployment roll

Mission: #1: 5 objectives
Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Special Issues: Mysterious objectives
Warlord Traits: Both rolled for the one that lets the warlord roll three dice when running.
Ability rolls: DE rolled for combat drugs and got a pain token. Blood Angels failed red thirst on everyone.
Night Fighting: Yes
Terrain: See below
Objectives: We decided to just take the corners where we had our armies stacked since the board was symmetrical. We rolled off and BA placed the first objective. BA placed it in the middle of the DE deployment zone, figuring that is where the Blood Angels would be at the end of the game. DE then put one in a corner of the BA zone. We then put the rest pretty much in no man’s land.
Deployment: DE won the roll off.

Terrain (Objectives are a little hard to see)

DE left the reavers and the razorwing in reserve. The wracks were in the center venom (v1), the archon and incubi in the lower venom (v2) and the wyches in the upper corner (v3). The warrior gunboat was by the wych venom (r3) and the wyches were in the venom near the incubi (r4). A ravager was on each end of the deployment zone.

BA left one squad of 5 marines and the death company in reserve to deep strike. He then hid is devastators behind cover and mephiston was also out of line of site of everything. He put the bikes out front for their longer range weapons.

BA elected not to try and steal initiative.
Turn 1 Bloody Claw:

The ravager and venom that were near the top of the board moved 12 inches, getting line of sight on Mephiston. The wyche raider moved over to get a shot on whatever it could. On the lower portion of the board the venom with the archon moved over the hill to get shots on squads or bikes, the ravager moved up and out just enough to see Mephiston (though he would get a cover save) and the wrack venom moved over to get shots on his bikes. Other than Mephiston, the bikes became top priority because they were the only thing that could reach the DE vehicles this turn. The devastators would be firing snapshots if they moved out of cover, and DE couldn’t see them anyway.
Shooting phase: First ravager took two wounds off Mephiston and the second one did as well, despite cover saves and feel no pain. The wyche venom (v3) got a lot of hits, but only wounded a couple of times and Mephiston made his 2+ save. The lower raider (r3) took a shot at the bike, hit but rolled a one to wound. The upper raider took a shot at the bike there and also rolled a one to wound. The archon’s venom put 12 shots into a bike and killed it--DE gets first blood. The wracks venom wasn’t able to see anything so I just moved it back to safety and nothing else was in range.

DE Turn 1

Turn 1 BA:

BA moved the devastators up, but the difficult terrain kept one from each squad from getting to the top of the cliffs. He moved all his assault squads as fast as he could towards the alien menace. The top most squad lost one to a dangerous terrain test after landing in difficult terrain. Actually, BA failed A LOT of these, but saved all of the rest the rest of the game…high adventure for us, but I won’t note them anymore since BA made the armor saves on them all. Mephiston then hid.

Shooting phase: Between night shields and night fighting there was not a lot the Blood Angels could do. The devastator snapshot, but failed to hit anything. His northern bike fired and hit the ravager there, but failed to glance or pen. The southern bike managed a hit and a glance, but the night fighting cover save prevented any damage. Blood Angels then ran everything forward looking to slaughter the DE in close combat.

BA Turn 1
Turn 2 Bloody Claw:

Only one reaver squad came out of reserve. DE moved everything around to get shots at the devastators and bikes and have backup shots at marines with anything left over. DE passed all their dangerous terrain tests the whole game. The archon venom moved over to try and prep for an assault on the 5 man squad.

Shooting phase started with the wyche raider in the south taking out the bike there. The ravager and the two venoms in the south then combined to take out 6 marines on the hillside. In the north, in sort of opposite symmetry to the first turn the raider’s single lance took out a bike, so after both failing to wound first turn, they both killed the bike second turn (mistake that we thought the bikes were T4 and instant death but should have taken two wounds).  The other ravager and venom killed the four visible devastators on the far hill, then the 3 reavers turbo-boosted over the other squad killing two and landed in prep to kill the single devastator left behind the hill. The 5 wyches failed to kill any marines with their pistols, but the warriors in the raider managed to kill one.
In assault the wyches killed another marine, leaving two, but with “know no fear” they just sat there.
DE Turn 2
Turn 2: BA

Both his reserves came in. BA deep-struck the death company right in front of Archon Haud Dico’s venom and the 5 man squad assault squad with the melta right in front of a ravager. The big squad with the priest moved to hide towards an objective and Mephiston came out to deal with the reavers that were going after the last devastator.

In the shooting phase the melta gun squad ended up 2 and a half inches from the ravager and blew it up, wounding 4 of them, but they made their saves. The death company only managed one hull point off the venom and the devastators took a hull point off the raider with the warriors. Jink saves were critical to the DE’s survival.

In the assault phase Mephiston failed to make his charge by one inch and on the reroll failed by two. There were no injuries in the ongoing wyche-marine battle with lots of wounds and lots of saves and FNP.

BA Turn 2

Turn 3 Bloody Claw:

Reavers and Jetfighter still failed to arrive. Darn Higher HQ!

DE then moved the northern vehicles to get shots at Mephiston or the devastators. The wyche-filled raider moved towards the north, figuring that the archon had things under control in the south. The southern ravager moved into position to fire at Mephiston and everything else moved to soften up the death company before the inevitable assault. The archon and incubi exited the venom before it moved.

Shooting: The lone ravager killed Mephiston. Warlord point. Then the venoms killed a couple of death company and the archon threw his grenade, wounding five but only killing one. The combined firepower of the northern vehicles and warriors killed four of the five marines there, the soul survivor then ran 11 inches or so, putting him in great position to get into the wyche-marine combat once he auto regrouped the next turn. The reavers killed the lone devastator.

In the assault phase the archon wiffed, but the Incubi killed two, bringing the death company down to three.  The DC dealt two regular wounds and a power fist wound. The incubi made both regular saves and the archon made his 2+ invul on the power fist wound. In the other combat the wyches and marines continued to stalemate. The reavers used their assault move to hide from the devastators and marines on the hillside.

DE Turn 3

Turn 3: BA

The BA moved the one mobile squad towards a ravager and got into melta range. The lone marine regrouped and moved towards the wyches with a regular move. The squad with the priest moved to take and hold the objective behind the devastators, which turned out to be a sykfire nexus.

In shooting, the devastators failed to do anything but a hull point from the raider. He failed with his melta and a krak grenade to hurt the ravager.
In the assault phase the lone marine joined the fight with the wyches and used a hammer of wrath but an invul save nullified it and in combat there were still no wounds.  Back in the archon combat, two more death company marines an Incubi died.

BA Turn 3
Turn 4 Bloody Claw:

The reavers and fighter finally arrive. All the north units move to try and get the marines off the objective. The wyches unload from their raider and run towards the empty objective on the north side of the ridge. The wracks jump out of their venom and claim the objective deep in the southwest territory. The raider with the warriors moves over, ready to let them out turn five on the objective up on the hill.

In the shooting phase, all the southern units managed to only kill two marines. In the north, the ravager took out two devastators. The fighter took out all four marines and the priest, and one missile actually scattered onto the remaining devastator sergeant but he made his save. The three reavers then came in and killed the sergeant. Blade vanes killed no marines.
In assault the archon made quick work of the power fist death company marine and then the marines and wyches managed to actually kill one of each other.
DE Turn 4
Turn 4: BA

In the movement phase his three marines chased down the turbo boosted reavers, fired at them but the 3+ jink held. They then charged them and killed two. Overwatch and attacks from the reavers went for naught. The lone reaver rolled a 3 on his leadership test to stay in combat

In the other combat one marine and one wyche died.

BA Turn 4
Turn 5: Bloody Claw

In the movement phase the warriors unloaded on the objective on top of the hill. The wyches moved towards the marine/wyche combat. Fighter moved, as did all the vehicles to keep their jink, while preparing to take out the three marines once their combat with the last jetbike ends. The archon and incubi jumped into their venom to try and chase down the three marines.

In assault, the 9 wyches manage to get 8 into combat and with those 24 attacks they got 22 hits but then managed only two wounds, which he then failed. Made for funniest moment of the game. The small squad consolidated towards one objective and the large one towards the other. The three marines killed the jetbike and then consolidated towards the objective that their buddies just died on.

DE Turn 5
Turn 5: BA

In the movement phase he moved towards the objective hoping to have one at the end of the game and snapfired at the fighter, missing.

Then the objective that the wracks were on finally blew up and killed two of them, but they passed leadership and held. Second funniest moment of the game.

We  rolled and the game continued.
BA Turn 5
Turn 6: Bloody Claw

Movement: DE got wyches on both of the northern objectives giving them four. In the shooting phase the ravager took out two blood angels and then a venom killed the last one.

DE Turn 6

Final Result
Victory DE: 4 objectives, first blood, warlord, linebreaker (15). BA: Tabled with all dead, but at least they died on their feet rather than be hauled off as slaves for the arena.

Archon Haud Dico raced back to Duke Slicsus to report that the obviously something valuable lay near the desert, but the Blood Angels had not allowed any of their number to be taken as prisoners for interrogation.  This minor setback was more than offset by the transports full of treasure and a small number of Space Marine weapons that would be useful in furthering his own plans…

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