Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ravenwing to the Rescue

The rumors of Fallen seeking ancient weapons on Angamar had been enough to cause the Dark Angels to deploy in force.  As soon as word had reached Grand Master Azrael that fallen marines had infiltrated the planet, he immediately dispatched his champions, Belial and Sammael, to track down the relics and capture their quarry.
However, by the time the Dark Angels arrived, the xenos invaders had already entrenched themselves across the planet.  The world-wide battles provided the perfect cover for the Fallen to pursue their nefarious plans.  Belial and Sammael knew that the xenos had to be driven from the planet in order to flush the traitors from hiding.  They split their forces, with Belial and the Deathwing pursuing a report of Fallen in one of Angamar's desert wastelands.  While the Deathwing hunted the traitors, Sammael and the Ravenwing would hunt down and destroy a band of strange, feral Necrons near Command Bastion A15.
1500 Dark Angels vs. Necron (Written by Noah)
Noah Vs Forest

Deploy: Dawn of War (Old Pitched battle)
Battle: Big Guns Never Tire
Noah could not remember all the details of the army lists/assets, but he was kind enough to write a pretty cool narrative report!  Enjoy!
Chapter 1:
The Dark Angels sent in 2 squads of Tactical Marines in Rhinos, Missile Launcher-armed Devastators, and two Typhoon pattern Landspeeders to investigate the Necron positions. The Necrons were holding defensive positions, with two large squads of Necron Warriors and their Lords. The Devastators and Landspeeders unleashed their missiles into the squads and caused light casualties. It would buy them just enough time to call on the mighty Raven Wing. The Necrons hunkered down on their captured points. Meanwhile a squad of Wraiths slipped closer to the dark angel ranks.
Chapter 2:
As the Necrons positioned themselves for battle and called upon their own reinforcements, the Ravenwing received the alert of the threats.   Sammael, his banner-bearing command squad, and the lead squad of Ravenwing were the first to answer the Necron challenge. They arrived unleashed massive volleys of bolter shells into the Necrons. The Tacticals Marines unleashed their missiles alongside the Typhoon counterparts into the Necron Ranks. One of the Tactical squads launched a blast from his plasma cannon and killed most of a squad of immortals who were camping on an ancient relic. With a deafening roar of crystal-powered energy, two Necron aircraft burst from the clouds. One launced its a devestating volley of tesla fire into the Devastators, killing all but one.  It also teleported a deadly cargo of Lychguard deep into the Dark Angel lines. The more heavily-armed flyer lanced a Landspeeder with its massive laser, and instantly exploding the Typhoon. The Necrons continued their devastation, taking out the second Landspeeder as a squad of Necron Warriors blasted it with gauss fire.
Chapter 3:
The second squad of scouting Ravenwing entered on the left flank and made their descent into the battle. They came up behind a entrenched squad of Warriors and shredded the unit with bolters and plasma fire. As the remaining missile launcher-armed Marines blew the death ray from one Doom Scythe. The Lynchguard, reembarked onto their ship to make their way to the new challenge. This left the remaining Devastator to face the surviving Warriors.  As the Night Scythe flew to meet its new foe, a well-aimed shot from a tactical missile launcher nailed the ships guidance systems and sent it reeling into the horizon and locking the Lynchguard in its teleportation banks.
Chapter 4:
As Dark Angels neutralized the deadly Necron aircraft, the Ravenwing closed in on its foe. The devastation banner flown by the Command Squad allowed the Ravenwing to bring killing blows to a squad of Warriors that emerged from cover. The advance of the Wraiths was thwarted by the Command Squad's plasma talons which melted  and blasted apart the steel demons. Sammaels plasma cannon destroyed the remaining Immortals who had formed the anchor of the Necron defense. A final squad of Ravenwing roared onto the battlefield on the flank of the last squad of Warriors.  At this point the Necron Lord deemed the battle a loss and sent a communication signal to the other warriors to retreat.
As Sammael watched the necrons disappear, he pondered the Necron tactics.  They seemed to almost have toyed with the Ravenwing the entire battle.  The Ravenwing had inflicted heavy casualties on the Necrons, but the metal abominations barely seemed to notice.  They had kept engaging the Dark Angels, even though the Necrons obviously could have withdrawn at any time.  No sooner than these thoughts crossed his mind, the voice of Brother Belial broke through the comm-link static, "Brothers, we need reinforcements at Sector 223!  Make haste!  It was a trap!" 

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