Sunday, January 27, 2013

Angamar Campaign (PE Tiles/Pieces Painted)

A few of the Planetary Empires I painted (terrible pic)
It took me a bit longer than expected, but I finally finished painting the Planetary Empire tiles for the upcoming campaign.  I decided to go with a pretty simple ash waste planet to match my own home table and model bases.  The point of this post is to identify the lay out some of the high-level rules for how the territory and assets affect the games and how we will be setting up the map. 


The territories represent the ground being fought over by the combatants and are made up of four basic types: clear, space ports, defense lines/rivers, and hive cities.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to come up with any hive cities for this campaign, so we will not be using any.  Territories switch hands at the end of each month during the "end of turn" maintenance phase.  For every game a player won, he may select a territory of the losing player and attempt to capture it by rolling 2D6.  Territories adjacent to the winning player's territories are much easier to capture (4+) than non-adjacent (7+).  The type of the territory and other factors can modify the roll, and each additional territory a player attempts to take is harder than the first (-1 for each tile). 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DC/Arlington Campaign Introduction

My late Christmas present (mine still needs paint though...)
So after a long hiatus from the blog and even 40K in general (Been loving me some Guild Wars 2), I now have a reason to jump back into both!  On Feb 2, a small, but stalwart group of 40K players from the beltway will kick off a six month Planetary Empires campaign... and I will be logging the ongoing progress here!  Personally, I am hoping that it will spur my painting progress and provide plenty of writing fodder for the upcoming months.

BLUF (more details after the break)
WHAT: Planetary Empires Campaign
WHO: Six players using their favorite army (codex) then entire campaign
WHEN: 1:00PM Feb 2 until early August
WHERE: Kickoff at Bowie Battle Bunker (future locations TBD)
WHY: Bragging rights and glory!
HOW: Planetary Empire Rules