Monday, July 9, 2012

Painting Update

Air Superiority... a beautiful thing
 I spent the past two nights updating my Second Company and Honor Guard to reflect my new lists.  I built/painted a Stormtalon and rekitted the Stormraven to be a Dakka machine.  I did not magnetize the Stormraven when I first built it, so it took some doing to magnetize it without doing any damage to the model or the paintjob.  I learned from my mistake though, so all the Stormtalon's weapon options are pinned for easy switching.  I also assembled and painted the Quad gun and some Aegis lines.  I still have a few more barriers to do, but the pieces I currently have should be enough to work until I can finish assembling/painting the rest.  My next goal is to get some well-lit pictures of both armies tomorrow night.  More pics below:


  1. Awsome windows on your models! Breathtaking! Any special technique?

  2. Thanks! The technique is nothing special. I just start with Dark Angels Green in one corner and mix in Goblin/Snot Green and yellow as I work towards the opposite corner. The stormraven turned out a lot better as the small windows let me do some wet blending. The Talon's windows were too big for that so it has fairly distinct lines which I need to blend away eventually.