Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Manifesto/Initial Thoughts

So now that I'm living in upstate New York, I've found two things to be true:

1.  Lake-effect snow sucks
2.  40k games are hard to come by

I started out playing 40k in OH which has a very solid community of gamers.  It was possible to get games in any night of the week and hit a RTT pretty much every Saturday if you were willing to drive an hour.  And most of the stores were heavily focused on tabletop games, so there was never a shortage of tables or terrain.  In short, I was spoiled...

The part of New York I now reside in isn't as blessed when it comes to 40k and the transition was a huge shock for me.  Finding games now takes a considerable amount of effort and with moving, work, and other committments, I haven't played any sort of "serious" game in about 9 months.  So not only am I pretty rusty, but I'm behind in the meta too.  I'm hoping that by keeping a blog and following other blogs/forums I will be able to get back into things and avoid getting curbstomped too bad when I do travel to tournaments.  That and I'm hoping that by showing my process for building a new army, I might be able to recruit some new players locally so I don't have to drive so dang far...

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