Sunday, March 27, 2011

Small Pleasures (....that's what SHE said)

So this weekend I was on the road for work, but my wife was able to accompany me.  While I was in a meeting, she took the opportunity to hit "the biggest mall she's ever seen" for an afternoon of shopping.  However, it was me who ended up coming out like a bandit.  She found a GW store in the mall and bought me a lot of good loot!  The biggies were:


Battlefield Accessories

Like I mentioned in a previous post, most places around here don't have a lot of their own terrain, so I'm trying to build up my own stock.  Hopefully I'll be able to get enough to really have some great table setups at home or at my local store.

Painting Station

Considering I do a LOT of my painting on the couch with my wife, this will be pretty useful.  I really like the brush holders to keep them from rolling around or getting bent.  She even picked up some Grey Knight-friendly paints to start me off.

Finally, my favorite gift was a copy of White Dwarf.  Yes, I think it is highly overpriced in general and features pretty terrible ideas of "competitive", but it still is fun to read occasionally out here on the very edge of 40K land.  It had a lot of great pictures of the new Grey Knights and some interesting hobby stuff.  I especially appreciated the section that showed ALL of the pieces from the new kits painted and laid out in an organized fashion.  Overall, reading and looking through it was extremely enjoyable and gave me a lot of inspiration in making my Grey Knight army.

While the actual gifts are awesome, the biggest "small pleasure" is being married to someone who appreciates my hobby/addiction.

Legal Disclaimer:  All images in this post are IP of Games Workshop.  I have no connection to Games Workshop in any way.

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