Monday, March 28, 2011

More Grey Knight Stuff

So I read an interesting article by Stelek. While I could do without the "I know everything" attitude, his site does have nuggets of wisdom from time to time.

In the linked article he posted a 1500 GK razorspam list (non-Coteaz version).  It relied on heavy bolter razorbacks with pysbolt upgrades carrying 5 man GKSS screened by foot henchmen.  Overall I do think his list is very good, but because it would not scale and I do not like razorspam it is not one I would run. 

The big takeaway I pulled from the article was his take on the HQ selection for a 1500 list.  I mentioned earlier that an Inquisitor and henchman might have been a better choice for my initial list and his idea for cheap pyscannon Inquisitors is very interesting.  The idea of meltabomb warriors as a tank-shock screen is also something I hadn't thought about.

I did not have a lot of 40K time this weekend, but I started working on the Purifiers and GKTs.  I picked out the models for both squads and I did some basic assembly/converting such as making a banner carrier out of the old GKT Justicar model.  I am trying to use as many of my old models as possible so I need to change some PAGK halberds into DHs and some GKT incinerators into pyscannons.  My main 40k goal this week is to get these two squads assembled and based so I have a better idea of what I need to purchase and build.  That and so I can post some progress pictures...

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