Saturday, August 4, 2012

Down to two lists for NOVA!

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After doing some debating and flipping some coins, I have narrowed down my options for the NOVA Narrative event to two main options.  I will either take my Honor Guard Grey Knights or Vanilla Marines with a non-Pally GK contingent.  Overall, I am expecting the Narrative to be a little more low-key than the GT, so my list decisions are being decided largely by theme and what I have painted well.  For example, I decided that Dread Calgar is a requirement in whichever list I take. I just love the model too much not to use it.  That pretty much ruled out the Vanilla Marine list unless I take allies.

While I think the Honor Guard would suffer in the GT environment because of the low body count, I don't think they would be too overmatched in the Narrative.  They are a fairly solid army and are painted pretty well, so I would have no qualms throwing them down at the Narrative.  They are still my default unless I can come up with an allied list that I like, which leads me to the other option.

I have a pretty cool idea for mixing in allies.  If I let go of my Draigo/Pallies sacred cow, then I have a lot more options for allies.  I thought about using Coteaz for several reasons.  He has a lot of great wargear/rules and has access to the Divination powers.  Not only that... he has a bald eagle as a pet--perfect for the Narrative's scenario.  He also fits in as a psuedo-Captain with his bald head and hammer.  However, I also am considering a standard Xenos Inquisitor in power armor.  I can kit him out with power armor, full complement of grenades, and a plasma syphon for 73 points.  So long as grenades do not affect my allies, then that makes him a nasty escort for a GKSS unit, and might be able to help thin out any plasma spam running around.  Here is what I am thinking:

PA Libby with Null Zone/Avenger
Xenos Inquisitor with PA, Rad/Pyschotroke Grenades, and Plasma Syphon

Tactical Squad with MB, Flamer/ML, and Rhino
Tactical Squad with Flamer/ML and Rhino
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback with SL
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback with SL

TH/SS Terminators (5)

Fast Attack
MM Attack Bikes (2)
MM Attack Bike
Stormtalon with TML

Autocannon/Lascannon Predator
Landraider with MM
Dreadknight with Teleporter

I actually think this is a more well-rounded list than the straight Honor Guard list.  It has more ways to deal with 2+ saves and does not rely on a relatively slow Pallystar to get the job done.  I also like the fact that it has more boots on the ground and doesn't have points concentrated in any one unit.  Ironically, I don't think it has quite as much long-range firepower as the GK list, but I think it will be more durable and won't have as many matchup problems.  I am still not sure whether I will use it at NOVA, but it's worth playtesting.  I would also like to playtest a version where I switch out the Xenos Inquisitor, the Searchlights, and the lone MM AB for Coteaz.  My main concern is whether it has enough anti-Flyer firepower.  I only have a handfull of twin-linked weapons, so the Stormtalon might have his hands full.  Any thoughts on whether this ally list would be better than the pure GKs?

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