Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NOVA List and Theme Items for Narrative

T-shirt back design

My wife and I spent the last couple of nights working on my "Theme Gear" for the NOVA.  We used one of our friends' Cricket cutters to make the T-shirt.  The details of the Narrative are still a little sketchy, so I went with a fairly straight-forward design based on the old "Uncle Sam Wants You" posters.  The PAX is basically the new planetwide police/defense force, so I thought it would be a good reference.  The front pocket has a small design of the Air Force Memorial.

Front pocket design
I think we are going to make a couple more different designs.  She enjoyed using our friend's machine so much that she is angling to get one of our own... lol
Themed base for Stormtalon Gunship
Overall, I wasn't really happy with how the themed base turned out.  I really had a hard time scratch-building the components, and the monuments are all white, which is a color I can't paint very well.  If I had more time I would try to redo it, but I really don't have the time with the upcoming move and new job. 
I had a hard time fitting that many Smurfs onto one board...
I finally decided to use the Marines with GK allies list:
PA Libby with Null Zone/Avenger
Xenos Inquisitor with PA, Rad/Pyschotroke Grenades, and Plasma Syphon

Tactical Squad with MB, Flamer/ML, and Rhino
Tactical Squad with Flamer/ML and Rhino
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback with SL
GKSS (5) with Pyscannon and Pysback with SL

TH/SS Terminators (5)

Fast Attack
MM Attack Bikes (2)
MM Attack Bike
Stormtalon with TML

Autocannon/Lascannon Predator
Landraider with MM
Dreadknight with Teleporter
I think it gives more options and looks pretty good on the tabletop.  It has a lot of bodies and vehicles and no real point-sink units like the Pallystar.  I think it might be weak against flyers, but hopefully the twin-linked weapons will help mitigate that.  If I go up against a full flyer wing, then I will just have to play strictly to the mission.

The "Warlord"while Calgar is busy.
Counts As Grenade Caddy

The two HQs are probably some of my better painted models, and I am glad I could fit them both into the list.  If I get a chance to paint up a Coteaz model, I will probably switch him with the Inquisitor Apothecary.  I would drop the third bike to pay for the upgrade and put a heavy incinerator on Calgar.  However, I am going to try the list out tomorrow evening and see how it performs as is.

Calgar overseeing the battle

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