Sunday, April 24, 2011

2K Imperial Dragoons

One of the two players who tied for 1st place was kind enough to give me a copy of his list.  I thought it was a pretty cool list (and was painted VERY well) and I thought I would post it here.

2K Imperial Dragoons (BA Codex)


Tactical Squad with Flamer/Lascannon and PF
Assault Squad (10) with MGx2 and TH
Assault Squad (10) with MGx2 and PF

Terminator Assault Squad (LCx4 THx1) with LRC (MM and EA)
Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack and Power Weapon
Sanguinary Priest with Infernus Pistol
Sanguinary Priest

Attack Bike Squad (1) with MM

Dreadnought with TLAutocannon x2
Devastator Squad (5) with MLx4 with TLAC Razorback

I can honestly say I wouldn't want to see this list across from me on the table.  There are a lot of fast threats that have to be dealt with immediately.  The Devestators would have to be my #1 target (heaven help me if they have FNP in cover) followed closely by the Vindy, MM AB, and Assault Squads.  The Devastators are the main long-range threat to my Speeders and Preds while the Vindy and AB scare my LR.  Whichever Termie Squad gets out of their ride first loses.  I haven't faced the new BA yet, so I would be interested to see how it would go down.  What is really funny about this list is I could field it with my Smurf models, which makes me smile (and rage a little at Matt Ward).

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