Saturday, April 2, 2011

RTT Prep Update

After banging my head against Calgar lists for two days, I pretty much determined I cannot field what I would consider a "good" list containing him at 2K.  I came up with two "decent" lists: the one posted earlier on the blog, and another has a LR and turns the MM/HF Dread into a second Rifleman at the expense of a MM AB and the Termies.  While both lists are "workable" and would be more than adequate for non-tournament game, I am very hesitant to go into a tournament situation without a hood.  The new GKs only underscore that concern.  Couple that with the fact that either one would require significant modeling/painting (when I'd rather be working on GKs) and I decided to go with the Battleforce List.

Doing an honest assessment of the models, I decided I need to accomplish the following before the tournament:

1.  Highlight Speeders
2.  Rebase all the Tacticals
3.  Paint a "replacement" Tactical squad (My third squad is pretty fugly atm)
4.  Clean up freehand on vehicles
5.  Details on an extra Attack Bike

Last night I sat down and dusted off my hobby tools, paints, and brushes and got to work.  I knocked out the Speeders (kinda overdid two of them, so might have to tone them down) and rebased the Tacticals (I still need to paint the bases).  I also did some of the details on the AB and vehicles, but still need to finish those up.  I also did some work on a Ven Dread to make it match the rifleman arms.  I felt like I got a lot accomplished, but I was also pretty tired of dealing with rank and file Smurfs.

Once the weather gets a little warmer this week I will prime the new Tac Squad (assembled, based, and ready to go) and the GKTs.  I think once I finish the random stuff and paint the Tac Squad, I am pretty much done with Smurfs for a while.  While I REALLY enjoy painting individual models like ICs, Dreadnoughts, and LRs, I am not a fan of painting squads.  I am going to have to be really careful about how I go about painting the GKs so I don't burn out or try to rush through them like I did with some of my Smurf Squads.

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