Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Counts As Thoughts...

I'm still debating how I am going to go about doing Counts As Honorguard.  I have been looking in the White Dwarf at the pictures of the bits and trying to figure out just what I'm going to use.  The helmets and weapon arms are no brainers.  However, the legs, chest, and shoulder pads are more "iffy".  They would be more useful if they had kept the old gibberish text instead of readable words such as "Doom", "Nemisis", etc.  While they are very ornate and look super cool, they don't scream "Honorguard" to me.  I would replace the left shoulderpads with metal Ultramarine ones, but I'm not sure what to do about the rest.  I think I can use them as long as I get the file and greenstuff out.  For now, I am going to test paint one of my plain, extra metal PAGKs and see how it looks in my Smurfs scheme.  That should give me an idea of what areas need some extra detail to look more like Honorguard.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. I tell you what I found out building my power armor honor guard.

    You can use the GK marines, but don't use the front chest pieces. You can replace it with a standard tactical marine one by cutting off the little pegs first. Some of the shoulder pads are OK, but you'll need about 5 spares from a tactical box, or even better some smurf or veteran specific ones. 1 or 2 of the backpacks will need to swapped for standard tactical ones as well.

    I found that the only thing I had to do to the legs was to file down one that had the GK chapter symbol on it. I wasn't to concerned about the inlaid text as it's illegible from more that 6 mm away. If it bothers you too much, you can use a little green stuff to fill it in.

    If you have some spare tactical marines legs, heads, and torsos, you can build 10 honor guard from one box of GK marines. Adding some purity seals or extra bits from the command squad and commander sets helps out a bit. Back banners help out too, and I especially like putting the SM commander back pack icons on the backpacks of the honor guard.

    Finish off with gold helmets and trim, and they should look fairly honor guardy.